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J.D. Wesson & Associates, Inc. provides a comprehensive vendor management program for its clients.


JDW has developed a comprehensive computerized management program, which provides the ultimate management tool when it comes to tracking the overall effectiveness of any given investigative program.  This computer system provides the client with immediate statistics including, but not limited to:

  • Timeliness for investigation completion

  • Investigation by type

  • Investigation by adjuster

  • Investigation by office/unit

  • Cost of investigation by type

  • Cost of investigation by vendor

  • Average cost of investigation by type

  • Average cost of investigation by vendor


The client has access to the entire system where they can monitor each investigation as it takes place.  All reports, recorded statements, photographs, and surveillance video is uploaded to the system and accessible to the client at any time from any computer with internet access.  All cases are updated daily and this information is available live to the client.


This system provides the client a single point of contact for making all investigative referrals.  From the time the referral is received until the work product is returned to the client, the process is managed by JDW.  The work product is audited and recommendations are made to the client in regards to the return on their investment for using any given investigative vendor. 

This program has proven very successful in containing investigative costs for clients, while insuring the best possible work product being provided by the vendors.


Note: Every client using this program has realized a significant cost reduction on a per investigation cost basis.  The first client on this program experienced a 60% decrease in the amount being spent for field investigations over a five-year timeframe.

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