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Training is one of the most important components for any organization.  Regardless of the situation, any event whether positive or negative, can be traced back to what type of training (quality or not) was received, if any. Training comes in many forms such as on-the-job, mentoring, classroom, etc.  JDW believes that “every day is a training day.” JDW instructors are experts in the areas we train.  Our instructors have provided training nationally, and are considered the best in their respective fields.  

JDW knows that proper training can reduce fraud and misconduct in the workplace; reduce exposure to the employer/employee liability; increase effective communication; limit harassment and violence in the workplace; increase accountability; and create and maintain a high level of integrity within the organization. 

In response to the California Department of Insurance training requirements for workers' compensation claim examiners, SIU, and employees of insurance carriers, JDW has developed nationally recognized training courses, which are offered to clients as a part of their contract.  The training is provided by Jim Wesson, President and CEO, Dale Banda, Chief Operations Officer, or Eric Weirich, VP of Operations.


These courses are provided at no cost to the client with travel expense reimbursement, if an extended stay is required.  These training hours can be used to fulfill the state requirements for SIU training and continued education units (CEU) for workers’ compensation examiners under the “investigation” and “fraud” categories.  The training can be applied to SIU and other employees of the company. A certificate is issued by J.D. Wesson & Associates, Inc. to document the hours of training pursuant to California Insurance Code Section 11761 and California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Sections 2592.02 and 2592.03.

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Insurance Anti-Fraud Training


A comprehensive course which focuses on the identification, investigation, and prosecution of workers’ compensation claim fraud

Insurance Agent/Broker Ethics Training


Recognizing, understanding, and reporting suspected abuse/fraud is important, and this course highlights 7 important areas of focus.

The Art and Science of Interviewing


This course provides the attendees advanced training in the techniques of interviewing all involved parties during the investigation/audit process.

Managing Belligerent & Hostile Behavior


Learn what triggers emotional responses when confronted by hostile or belligerent individuals.



A principle based focus of internal customer service for supervisors and managers.

Time Management

Are you struggling to manage the day-to-day demands on their time? This course was developed to assist with that.

Workplace Violence Program


With threats in the workplace today, this course will help provide employers with guidelines and training on the steps they can take.

Supervisor and Manager Training


Providing supervisors and managers with the tools to help make their workplace violence policy and plans have value for the organization.

Threat Assessment/Management Team Training


A detailed look into the principles of investigating and assessing the level of threat posed by a variety of behaviors and actions.

Critical Incident Team Training


Helping managers respond to, and manage, actual incidents of workplace violence.

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